Adam Diggle is a voice actor that is voicing Hadgi for the upcoming Soda Squad & Kermit: A Frog's Backstory.

Year Title Co-Production Role
2010 Reach Inpact Universal Narrator
2011 Wise on Water Class Action Finn, Narrator
2011 Studying Abroad Hart Mcleoad Actor 3
2012 Death of a Salesman Upside Out Productions Bernard
2012 Barca Toons Barca Toons Gerrard Pique
2012 Far From Home Drive On The Left Productions Terry/Micheal
2012 The Hurt Locker Staffordshire University Sergeant Matthew Thompson/Iraqi Civilian
2012 Memories and Adolescence K College Tonbridge Narrator
2012 Peter Kay Promo Channel 4 Announcer
2012 Cyber Crime Lumesse Police Officer
2012 Friday Night Comedy Promo Channel 4 Announcer
2012 The Victor Portsmouth University Narrator
2012 The Great Duck Race Unicorn Training Professor Duckstein/Feathers
2012 Rapture Overwrought Films Narrator
2012 Sustainability Project Unicorn Training Bjorn
2012 But Milk is Important Anna Mantzaris Agoraphobic Man
2012 Ganging Up (Audiobook) Listening Books All Characters
2012 The Page Turner Rosenburg Productions Chris The Cave
2012 2012 Comedy Gala Promo Channel 4 Announcer
2012 Racing UK I-Phone App Substantial Films Ltd Announcer
2012 A Christmas Carol Digital Media Factory Scrooge/Tiny Tim
2012 Guru Library O2 Telifonica UK Sean Bean Impression
2013 Magic and Illusion Show High Jinx Announcer
2013 The Bloody Moors Valve Corporation Old Arthur
2013 Barclay's Insurance SOH Announcer
2013 The Page Turner Rosenburg Productions The Father
2013 Focus on English Switchpower Ltd Narrator
2013 Black Cloth Pitstop Productions Assassin 1
2013 Stepping Stone Switchpower Ltd Narrator
2013 Snow White Gym Fusion Narrator
2013 Pioneer Switchpower Ltd Multiple Characters
2013 This Is Essex University White Space Design Narrator
2013 Mrs Brown's Boys Promo BBC Announcer
2013 Pic and Mix Switchpower Ltd Multiple Characters
2014 Barclay's Travel Insurance SOH Announcer
2014 Lloyds TSB Training Video Lumesse Mortgage Adviser
2014 High Jinx Magic and Illusion Ad High Jinx Announcer
2014 Kermit: A Frog's Backstory Disney/The Muppets Studio Kermit
2014 Soda Squad KAdams Productions Hadgi