KAdams Productions was founded as Kris Adams Studios on December 6th, 2012, the name changed in January 2014 by Kris Adams.


Kris Adams Publishing, Inc.

The Fostow Company

Fluteshoot Productions


Year Film Co-Production Notes
2013 Making A Snowman, With Drag The Dodo Creator
2014 Valentine's Day, With Drag The Dodo Creator
2014-Present The Kris And Vic Show Kris And Vic Productions Animations only
2014 Kris Adams: Facebook Lookback Facebook Animations only
2015 Soda Squad Creator
2016 Hey, You're A Dunce, Drag The Dodo Creator
2016 Rockstead Producer
2016 TJ The DJ Creator
2016 Planet Past Creator
2016 It's Raining Cats, Dogs, & Frogs? Creator
2016 Doggy Wanna Paddle Creator
2016 Soda Squad: Hadgi Scouts Creator
2016 How Fostow Started The Fostow Company Creator
2017 The Weird Creator
2017 Inmate Rex Creator
2017 USA Girl Creator
2017 The Adventures of Tobias Amsterdale Fluteshoot Productions Creator
2017 My Big Amigo Fluteshoot Productions Creator
2018 Petey The Pizza Pie Creator
2018 Soda Squad: Viktor's Crush Creator
2019 DragonBirds Creator
2019 Soda Squad: Pinky's Mexican Party Creator
2020 Soda Squad: One Of Those Days Creator
2021 Soda Squad: Thanksgiving With Friends Creator
TBA The Stockers Creator
TBA My Awesome Pet Creator
TBA Little Kris And Vic Kris And Vic Productions Animations only
TBA That's Mighty Dandy, Folks! Creator
TBA Opal's Evil Tricks Creator
TBA A Koala In The Forest Creator
TBA Imagination Land Creator
TBA Otter Power Creator